PMU Lip Repair Gel

  1. Pure plant essence,long-lasting nursing squalene, Vitamin E and plant essence. It contains aloes vera mint essence, skin repair regenerationfactor , EF,GF,EGF and allergy scar elimination factor.
  1. Moisturizing and repairing
  2. Good effect to recovery truama and keep the color
  3. Promotes naturally thicker, fuller-looking eye brows
  4. Keep eyebrows/lips/eyeliners in good repair
  5. Prevent dryness and crack.
  6. Repair the wound fast , diminish inflammation , anti-allergy, detumescence and moistening.
  7. .it prevents leaving scar or making scar thinner after permanent makeup operation. Nursing and rebirth the damaged skin better.

Product Detail

Suitable for permanent make-up aftercare. Clean the lips before applying the gel evenly with a proper portion. Gently rub it on the lips. Apply this product 4~5 times a day for at least 6~9 days.

Note: If any adverse reactions appear, such as rash,redness or itching, stop using at once.

Please avoid direct sunshine, store in dry, cool, well-ventilated place where children cannot reach.

Applying the gel on the lips.

Gently rub it on the lips.

4-5 times a day for least 6-9 days.