PMU Gold-Plated Microblading Needle ZX-9607 Series

1.Strict production controls
2.Guaranteed batch tracking
3.Strict quality control processes
4.Validated sterilization procedure
5.Single-use cartridges
6.Stable, precise needle guidance
7.The highest safety and hygiene levels thanks to the patented safety membrane
8.Made of the finest surgical steel.
9.Less vibration
10.Individually wrapped, one-time use, disposable blade. Sterile packaged.

Needle Size

Superfine drwaing blade (0.18mm), more flexible.
Suitable for high-end fashionable PMU artists.
Have good handling feel.


Golden Blade-R3

Suitable for outling, framing, the tail part of eyebrows, color filling. Suggested use with R5.

Golden Blade-R5

Suitable for eyebrows fast coloring. Suggested use with R3.

Slope needles are mainly used to make shadow eyebrows

Using the advantages of slope surface esign, coloring is fast, less time to use, less pain, and easy to operate.

U-shaped needles are mainly used to make lines

The protruding point in the middle is the point of force, flexible and elastic, and can be used for vertical pricks and left and right translations to achieve a non-invasive line effect. The color retention is very solid. Basically, no complementary color are needed during the period.