PMU ZX-3125 Cool-Spot Sence

  1. Stanch and Relieve Pain. Simple operation.
  2. Easy for colouring. No pain and swelling.
  3.  Restore the original color of pigment.
  4. Obvious effects of detumescence and anti-inflammation.
  5. Legal for beauty studios.
  6. Cost-effective for One-time purchase.
  7. Risk-free for anesthetic allergies.
  8. Multi-functional use, such as facial skin-care and vibration massage.
  9. Long-time warranty after purchase.
  10. Applicable to all people.
Itme No. ZX-3125 Cool-Spot Sence
Power supply: Input:100-240V; Output: 5V, 1A
Funcation Physical pain relieve
Material Space aluminum
OEM service Yes
Advantage Physical pain relieve,applicable to all people
Warranty 2 Years
Certification CE

1.Cool-spot partial pain-relief

Professional beauty device conductor made of exclusively designed, manufactured ceramic refrigerating chip.Drop to -4℃ in 30 seconds,pain-relief effect lasts for 10 minutes after per 40-second use.The lowest temperature human skin can tolerate is -4℃.The device is supported by intelligent control system.Use physical-cooling to interdict pain nerve conduction in order to achieve the effects of pain-relief.Within a certain amount of time, ideal partial numbing can be done without having any frostbite.



Cooling treatment is commonly applied to acute athletic injuries and trauma,also the most worthy to popularize.The cool-spot sense is based on the same concept as the treatment mentioned above: decrease external skin temperature through physical method.Interdict pain nerve conduction in order to relieve pain, stanch and prevent muscle tissues from swelling. Massage the swelling body parts to achieve the effects of detumescence,pain-relief and scattering blood clots.


3.Facial microneedling skin-care

Massage facial areas with 0℃~6℃,intensify collagenous fiber,enhance and plump the skin with elasticity. Effectively reduce wrinkles and freckles. Massage relaxes the skin and boosts the veins for better blood circulation. Alleviate varicosity and redness prominently.Skin-care treatment can be  effectively assisted by skin-care cosmetic products to facilitate for deeper infiltration so as to obtain the best effect.Cool-spot sense could be applied to partial pain-relief and stanching which benefits cosmetic skin-care microneedling fields or the like.


4.Vibration massage

The device is equipped with high-performance vibrating massage function,applicable to daily personal healthy treatment.Combining traditional Chinese medical acupressure treatment can achieve the effects of clearing blood clots and boosting blood circulation. Ideally allay tiredness. Assisted with cooling treatment or skin-care treatment helps to accelerate the effects to be seen.