GOOCHIE attaches great importance to originality and innovation. Only by doing original products can the company have the power of sustainable development. Over the past 20 years, GOOCHIE has obtained FDA, SGS, CE and other certifications, more than 100 product patents, and launched a number of best-selling products.

Cool-spot sence is a professional beauty instrument developed by GOOCHIE in 2 years and 7 months. It blocks the pain nerve conduction of the human body through physical cooling. Overthrowing the history of illegal anesthetic for PMU. Easy to use, 30 seconds to reach freezing point, can relieve pain for 10 minutes. Applicable to: Micro-blading brows/lips/areola/hairline/skin care/micro-needling beauty treatment/hair removal/hair transplantation/etc.

Super solid-color is another research and development result of GOOCHIE. Different from the traditional permanent make-up pigment in the market, the color is bright and uniform after surgery, and there is no need for complementary colors. Suitable for professional permanent make-up parlors and high-end plastic surgery hospitals.