Rechargeable dermapen

    Product features:Less pain and better effectAdjustable micro stitch length (0.25 ~ 2.0mm )Prevent cross infection, the use of the disposable syringe needleCompared with the manual MTS micro needle mor
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    Product features:

    Less pain and better effect

    Adjustable micro stitch length (0.25 ~ 2.0mm )

    Prevent cross infection, the use of the disposable syringe needle

    Compared with the manual MTS micro needle more prompt and efficient

    Because the high speed movement in the vertical direction so that the pain to a minimum

    Lightweight portable design

    In the narrow and curved parts easier operation

    High quality products

    Micro needle machine advantage:

    • easy to control and automatic key and easy to adjust the speed.

    • Luxury and lightweight design

    • increased to maximum security through a sterile needle

    • be able to use up to 1000 times

    • a small amount of pain and discomfort

    • no side effects

    • Effective laser treatment and expensive cosmetics are lower than the cost


    Pulling compact, tender skin

    Treatment of acne scarring and healing of wound

    Improvement in wrinkles and fine lines

    Shrink pores

    Treatment of Uteruses Calvin lines

    The treatment of Baldheaded disease