PMU-zx2011-6 for Permanent makeup
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    1. The body of machine adopts pure metal materials,won't be abraded,prevent losing color.



    2.It looks elegent and high class.



    3.The highest speed is 23000rpm/min



    4.Panasonic motor,the advantage is more powerful and wearproof



    5.Low noise muffled



    6.Automatic adjustment needle cap,control the length of needle from 0.5-2mm,the safety



    reach the professional standard.It is our company's exclusive ownership.



    7.The specification of needle:0.35*45mm,R1.3.5 F5.7,all the needle are sterilized by gamma ray,achieving the disposable health standard.






    9.Any quality problems with the machine within 2 years,we will replace the machine to you for free.




    kit includes:



    one Goochie brandk tattoo machine



    one adatper(100-240V)



    one bottle of ink



    one pcs of repair gel



    two pcs of needles



    two pcs of needle caps


    two color rings