New Rocket Digital PMU Kit ZX-1365
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    New Rocket Digital PMU Kit  ZX-1365

    Control panel                -- Microneedling,Eyebrow,Eyeliner,Lip,Auto control
    PMU machine pen         --single used support
    Box of needle       --15pcs/box (factory packing:100pcs/box)  Size:R1,3,5 and F5,FS5
    Power supply        -- USA/EU standard

    The Intelligent was designed to assist the practitioner in distinguishing between the varying areas of application, ie eyes, lips, eyebrows and medical. 

    Full disposable Cartridge needles
     100% brand new
    Four model, for Lip, Lip liner, Eyeliner, upper & lower eyes and body tattoo.
    High standard of sterilization. Make sure it meet the standard of hygiene.
    Disposable can be used for only once. Harmless to your health.
    Humanity design.
    Needles Type: R1,3,5,7; F5,F7,S5