Digital Permanent Makeup Machine ZX13-10
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    Digital Permanent Makeup Machine ZX13-10
    Digital power supply is used for control the makeup 'speed, different speed for different operation, it can use for eyebrow tattoo, eye liner tattoo, lip tattoo, and lip line tattoo. Use the controller controls the machine's speed, it's good for the machine, it can protect the machine's span life.
    Operation guide:
    1,Press the POWER/ON button,and then the machine is entering the working status
    2,Press the button START to start the machine
    3,After operatiom,press the POWER/ON button to shut down the machine,unplug the power cable
    Description of digital power supply:
    Technical parameters
    Type PMU  PMU
    Input voltage 110V--240 V ,50/60HZ
    Power  input max.  7VA
    Working  frequency 50  –  200  /  sec.
    Drive precision  DC-motor
    Protecting  class protection  small  voltage