Digital Permanent Make-up & Micro Needle Puncture Machine
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    Detailed information

    - 10 Speed level digital control
    - Needle length adjustment
    - Using sterilized Acupunture needles
    - Blood and Ink will not be remained in hand-piece
    - Fine and beautiful pattern design is possible


    Benefit of Digital-Pro
    - Digital machine in Hand-piece
    - Noise Free
    - Pain Relief Design
    - Simple Design
    - Infection Free
    - Safety needle
    - Usage 
    : Tatoo or permanent makeup 
    : A device for tattoo or permanent makeup

    Micro needle Therapy System(MTS)
    Motorized Meso Machine, Auto Stamp
    - Motorized Micro Needle Therapy Equipment 
    - Powerful electrical vibration
    - High-quality and ergonomic design 
    - Optimal absorption of medication
    - 10 Steps of digital speed control
    - Blood and Ink will not be remained in hand-piece
    - Easy to use
    : Adjustment of needle length
    : Adjustment of Speed